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Being a Badass B*tch in Business and Life - Co-authored Book

Is Work-Life Balance a Wild-Goose Chase for an Entrepreneur?

I am delighted to have my article on work-life balance being published as part of this co-authored book - Being a Badass B*tch in Business and Life.

The book was created and published by Annelies James, Brand and Digital Content Strategist who summarises the book as follows:

Being a badass can mean so many things. For me it is having confidence, for others it is being kind, others resilience and for some, how we give.
In any case it seems there is a need to own this part of yourself and learn acceptance of all the things that challenge us, give us those white-knuckle moments, and likewise being able to recognise our achievements without ego and without the fear that our own successes take away from the success of others.
This collection is comprised of champions of “badassary.” They know who they are, they know their purpose and they know how to channel this into all sorts of tools for others. Exploring resilience to kindness, balance and empowerment, be a part of these badass journeys and learn something for yourself along the way.

The other book contributors are:

The book is available on Kindle through Amazon for 99p. Profits from the sale of the e-book will be donated to a UK charity that provides high quality interview clothes and interview training to unemployed women in need.

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